An introductory paper on Lampworked Beads through history and basic construction techniques. This paper was written as a handout for demonstrations of lampworking at SCA events.

Documentation for a Viking style strand of beads made to wear to SCA events.

Documentation for Bead Timeline originally created for the Rowan Festival Laurel Prize Tourney in 2006, updated in 2008 and 2010 (an ongoing project).

Documentation for Medieval Rosaries circa 13th -14th Century.

Documentation for 9th Century Norse Game Pieces.

Documentation for Roman Face Beads, submitted to Laurel Prize Tourney, Rowany Festivak, 2010

Documentation for production of glass beads over an open fire (Mark 1) presented at Laurel Prize Tourney, 2011

Here are some images of me making beads at an SCA event. (Please note, I only took my safety glasses off momentarily for the photograph !)

Here are some photographs of the first recreations of the Frojel beads that I made in 2004.